We have an opportunity to become leaders in energy production, not consumption. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind will be essential in the next several years throughout the world. They are relatively costly now, but whoever invests in their production and deployment now will have a huge competitive edge in the near future. Such investment could make communities like this one major employers of industries that export technology the rest of the world will have to buy as carbon-based energy dwindles. Someone will do this and some communities are already starting, but it's not too late for us to position ourselves for this economic boom. With distributed solar facilities, like an array on every rooftop, we could not only power our own uses but could also create a market for hardware that would encourage business growth here that would translate into exporting industry. We could also generate enough clean power to eliminate the need for polluting central power plants and yet still create enough energy to develop another industry in producting and charging of fuel cells. Similar scenarios can exist for wind and biomass and marine (wave/tide) energy systems, all of which exist but need real scale to become economically efficient. We should lead this effort to be able to lead the world further one.