This is the beginning of a conversation about St. Petersburg and how to make it the city we want it to be. This is a place to share ideas, to ask questions, to discuss -- politely -- differing views of how this city can or should develop: economically, politically, socially, etc.

This wiki format for community is not new but is growing in availability and usability. This particular tool comes to us from Jimbo Wales, a St. Pete resident himself, using the Mediawiki software which also runs the Alexa Top 10 Wikipedia.

What we intend to create is a place to gather and disseminate information. Anyone can edit anything at any time. There is also a discussion list coupled with this wikicity. You can find information about it at St. Pete Discussion. This wikicity will grow and evolve as we collectively contribute to it. There is no one right way for us to have this conversation. So, join in, experiment, share, take, and participate. Like St. Pete itself, this is what we make it.

Most importantly, this is a place for anyone to talk about anything related to St. Pete and its development. You don't have to be an elected official, or a member of the media, or a wealthy business person or anyone else of an "elite" nature. That means we can learn from anyone and everyone with an interest in this community. Frankly, those not in "power" often know as much or more than those with official titles. We're all media now, in the purest sense of that word: conveyors of information. Share what you know, absorb what you don't, help yourself and others analyze what we have, and together we'll make St. Pete an even better place to live, play and work than it already is.

To start, consult the community portal

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